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The Wild Ones – Suede

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Bruno Dayan

“on you my tattoo will be bleeding and the name will stain”

1993 ~ Forever

This song and its video are the inspiration for this post/mood board/editorial theme. Play it.

“the history of this fucking band is ridiculous. it’s like machiavelli rewriting fear and loathing in las vegas… it’s like a pram that’s just been pushed down a hill. it’s always been fiery and tempestuous and really on the edge and it never stops. i don’t think it ever will.”

Suede is one of the most important and beautiful bands to come out of England. They were massive in the years 1993-1999 (and have recently reformed for some gigs). Brett Anderson was (is) their impossibly glamorous front man and lyricist. Their sound is haunting and unique, layered and equal parts glam & shoegaze, postpunk and post Smiths kitchen sink but got lumped in with “Brit Pop” (a term they loathe, although they rose in that are and covered some of the same musical themes, including explorations of the drug culture of the time and class issues in Britain as well as universal themes of love, longing, and the fantasy of escape to a better world. 

Join the ranks and find out why Suede and Brett fans use terms such as God, angel, and various applications of the word beautiful unironically.  Brett’s impossibly slim and elegant looks are what a rock star should be, making him an eternal style icon as well as musical icon.

So: Dreamy, Jewel Tones, Filters, Faded, Fantasy, 1993-4, feathers, angora, urban decay, loneliness, lace, flounce, buttoned up, natural (abstract) elements, chemistry, claustrophobia, bohemian fantasies…

Naomi Campbell falls on the catwalk in Vivienne Westwood platforms, London 1993. This marked the height of the true "Supermodel era".

Speak Art & Design: Tim Speaker

Libertas Academica

Gustav Klimt, Baroness Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt

Detail at Alexander McQueen, spring 2011 via salveo.tumblr.com

McQueen via style.com

Christy Turlington, British Vogue 1993

Bruno Dayan

“But oh if you stay we’ll ride from disguised suburban graves
We’ll go from the bungalows where the debts still grow every day”

UK Vogue March 1993 via rag-pony.com

Much of the fashion imagery found online from the early 90’s is limited and cliche/retro. It was a weird time of rave wear and grunge. I am will include scans on this blog like this one above wherever I can for good examples of true 90’s looks. There was some beautiful fashion photography we just have a void of it on the internet. So get out your scanners and your old magazines and share the wealth of your attics! I still think those dark or brown-y matte MAC lipstick looks of the time are beautiful (and are in the midst of a comeback!)

Allure magazine September 1993 via http://www.rag-pony.com

Brett Anderson via theessentialsuede.com

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp (with Winona Forever tattoo) circa early 90's

Tropilcalia by Matheus Lopes (via lionskeleton tumblr)

Moby, London 1993, Wolfgang Tillmans (wallpaper magazine)

Tim Barber via barbert tumblr (2011)

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