Burn So Bright

Music, Fashion, Art, Poetry, Prose


Some Themes: Youth, nostalgia, loss, love, music, 80’s, lyrics, heartbreak, growing up, regret, “miserabilism”, innocence, Manchester, writing, meta, criticism, boyfriends, art, originality, alcohol, the lost world of the 80’s I don’t see reflected anywhere accurately, creativity, hardship, stoicism, drama, cliches, Morrissey, artistic credit, graphic novel.

Burn So Bright is the work/workshop of original writing- prose, poetry, journalism (c. Burn So Bright. 2007-2012.), and includes reviews of other artists’ fine art, and design. Short excerpts or clips of our work may be reprinted with credit and link to this blog.

This blog also features editorial stories which includes other artists’ & publications’ candid photography, professional film, music, fashion and art references. All photography and other media will be credited and/or linked to the source or author wherever possible. If have additions or corrections to anything credited, please let us know. Artistic credit is very important to us. If you are the owner of any photography used here and would like it removed, please send an email. All these works are copyrighted to their respective owners, and this site does not make any such claims. This blog operates under a creative commons licence.


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